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Celebrate for new Germany Sandivic pressplate

From:    Author:    Publish time:2009-07-29 14:19   Clicks:115
In order to raise the quality of our laminate and make our brand 'G&P' well known all over the world. Our factory invest to import more than 300 pieces new Germany Sandvic pressplates for high pressure laminate manufacturing.
Currently, our surface finished reach 12 patterns which are Mist(Matte), Glossy, Mirror(High gloosy), Suedy, Velour, Pearl velour, Rift Embossed, Pane, Filament, NT(Natural veneer), WB(Wirebrush). We believed those can satisfied special customerized requirement.
You'll be warmly welcome to visit our facotry, just please kindly note us in advance for better preparation for your arrival.

Best wishes.




为了提高产品的质量,打响兆盈(G&P Laminate)这个国际品牌,我们公司投资从德国山特维克公司进口了一批全新钢板。



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